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We are a Jesus Movement of passionate followers, living life to the fullest and changing our world with His love

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The 10 Commandments are not an outdated set of rules put in place to ruin our lives, just the opposite is true! Join us on Sunday mornings at 11am as we look further at the 10 Commandments and what they mean for us today in 2015.

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This is a movement of love // this is a movement of truth

Project Rescue

For the first half of 2015 the MVMT is pouring its efforts into raising $6,000 to help sick babies of Guatemala. We are partnering with Hope of Life in Zacapa, Guatemala to support their baby rescue efforts. Project Rescue will culminate with a week long mission trip on June 29 – July 6.

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There is no higher name than the name of Jesus...

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